Friday, October 31, 2008

My new government job under Obama

I can't wait to get my new government job when I'm laid off because of the effect of his new taxes on small business ! Oh, and I'll have free health care as well. There needs to be a government job for line-monitor:

Government Health-Care Line Monitor -- Stands with an AK-47 to monitor the huge waiting lines for government health care, to make sure that no violence or insubordination takes place. Anyone complaining about the line will be whacked aside the head with the rifle but. Anyone with terminal conditions will be sent home, it's not worth it.

Sounds like a good job!

Pick Your New Government Job! :: Posted by ObamaMarx2008

As we know, soon there will be no more jobs because Obama's high taxes
will further destroy the economy. The only solution to this is the creation of
massive government jobs under the watchful eye of Obama....I'm throwing some
possibilies out there, which one will you choose? (Haha, did I say choose? I
mean, it will be chosen for you)
1) Fairness Monitors: Monitor blogs,
radios, TV, and other forms of publications for "unfairness" under the
established Fairness Doctrine. Report any unbalance (aka conservative views) to
the government.

2) Truth Squads (already established): Fight the smears!
As an employee of the Truth Squads you will report fellow citizens for
"unfairness," or simply questioning or criticizing the policies of our Dear
Leader (like Joe the Plumber)

3) Voting Assistants: Your job will be
helping voters to make the right choice on election day! (hint: if they refuse
to vote for our Beloved Leader then bash them in side of the head with your
AK-47, just like in Cuba!) They'll understand who to vote for then.

Obama's Civilian Army ( ): Our Dear
Leader's new Civilian Security Force will also enjoy weapons training. Then when
you're well-trained enough our Dear Leader will have new work for you including
guarding the re-education camps and seeking out thought criminals.

Wealth Redistributor: As everyone knows, earning excessive wealth (more than
$100,000) is immoral and greedy. Your duty will be to make sure that private
wealth is redistributed evenly to the people. Report refusals to spread the
wealth to Obama's new Civilian Security Force and they'll handle the rest.

6) IRS Tax Creator: Your job will be thinking of thousands of new taxes
to apply to citizens and find ways to keep the wealth redistributed. Primary
responsibilies include new ways to tax people, for example: fast food
consumption taxes (to cut costs for government healthcare) or the windfall car
tax for any family owning more than one car will be taxed on yearly mileage.
This will help cut down on our oil consumption and it won't affect the middle
class. After all, any family with more than one car is obviously rich!

The future does look bright with all of these new job opportunties. Can
anyone else think of any more new government jobs that Barack Hussein Obama will


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