Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thank you President Bush! I will miss you

I want to personally thank President Bush for keeping us all safe after 9/11/2001! Thank you Mr. President! I will miss you.
"I guess the biggest success would have to be the fact that we haven’t been attacked. I think the president says that, and I think he is accurate. Clearly, we have not been attacked since then. It was a joint effort but nonetheless a success."
— Steny Hoyer, House Majority Leader (D-Md.)

Now compare that to this response I recently received.. Let's hope that the Bush Derangement Syndrome will subside, give it a rest!
Bush showed the U.S. to be unjust, aggressive for no reason, ungrateful, stupid, greedy, restrictive, secretive, a breaker of treaties, untrustworthy, you name it, every decrepit thing you can think of, that's what Bush made us, anything but proud. We're all so damn glad that filthy bastard is gone.


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