Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day list of choices

Go Green! It's Earth Day! I challenge everyone to go green too!
My list of environmentally friendly life styles choices:

  • Ride my bicycle for 'some' local grocery trips, cutting the use of gasoline.
  • Ride my bicycle to participate in the 5 year PA breeding bird atlas survey, instead of using my car, thus cutting down on dependence on foreign oil, as well as cutting of pollution AND harmless CO2.
  • I drive a dark car, which requires less energy because it is generally cool in Western Pennsylvania.
  • I never use air conditioning. In fact, when I ride my bike or run, the air flows along my body, thus cooling me down.
  • I've not flown on an airplane in over a decade; I've seen studies that say that airplanes pollute more (per person), and  contribute harmless CO2 toward the greenhouse effect, than cars.
  • Avoid printing anything at work or home (other than my daughter's homework assignments).
  • Installed Compact Fluorescents in places where my cats can't knock over the light, which if that happened would release harmful mercury. This has actually cut down on my energy bill, thus lowering the amount of coal that is burned, and mercury and SO2, both pollution, that is released (and harmless CO2 as well). Too bad we don't have more nuclear plants, that would cut down on harmful SO2, harmful mercury, and harmless CO2.
  • Lowered my thermostat to 67 F (at times).
  • I've been recycling for decades, but I note that only about 20% of my neighbors recycle (too bad).
  • My municipality doesn't recycle paper or plastic, too bad, really, because I am willing.
  • I reuse my shopping bags, first for my lunches, which I carry to work, then later, for scooping and disposing kitty litter.
  • I garden, thus supplying 1/100 of one percent of the food I need. (sort of like how cutting $100 million from government is going to help balance the budget).
  • I refuse all soda-pop and any other beverage other than natural ones like milk, orange juice, coffee, etc. I use no sugar in my coffee, only cream; I don't know if this counts, but I do it.
  • I hardly buy new things, mostly used items, and clothes and other times I use way beyond the life span that most would use such things. My car was used, all of my bicycles are from the 1980s; my family wants me to get new eye glasses, but I refuse, the ones I wear are give me perfect sight, nevermind they look rather old.
  • I refuse to work downtown or across town, thus saving much on energy.
  • I refuse to buy cars like a Prius, which is actually more unfriendly to the environment because of the batteries they use, the toxic materials that are mined for the batteries have left a veritable waste land in that region of Canada.  Additionally, since these electric cars are recharged with energy from coal burning, that is actually worse to the environment than gasoline with a catalytic converter. Someday when I live where I can get my energy from a nuclear plant, which has no SO2, mercury or harmless CO2 emissions, I will buy an electric car.
  • I have quit all fertilizing of my lawn, and let large sections go wild.
  • Have a nice earth day!


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