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Re: @ Stake: Newt, Sarah, Rush, and Cheney Attack

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On Wed, Jun 10, 2009 at 8:44 AM, misguided naive liberal <> wrote:

Right…..the 'wrong' direction as pointed out by Republicans and on the fence Libertarians, (who adopt the Republican mal-philosophy without the nerve to be outspoken and accountable). 

 Libertarians are accountable when they are elected, now if we would only elect them. We've got to get our economic and fiscal policy in order. Debt is intolerable and unsustainable. High taxation won't solve the problem. Only tax cuts will spur the economy. The Democrats are the party of the 'wrong' approach to solve these problems.

President Obama who wants to close a torture camp which the US maintains despite the airing of despicable prisoner treatment unbecoming of a third world nation 

 'Wants' is the operable word. He won't be able to close them, no body wants them.

President Obama wants to invest in the infrastructure of the US, in roadways, technology, departing from Bush who was a do-nothing President. 

 Unfortunately, Obama's stimulus has been wasted to balance state budgets of fiscally irresponsible states. If only it had been spent on infrastructure and technology (on the whole). Unfortunately, Bush was hampered by a Democrat Socialist Congress from 2006 onwards. That's what destroyed Bush's attempts to keep the economy strong. Check the indicators for 2005/6 You'll see!

President Obama wants to secure our borders and control immigration properly to prevent the continual economic drain on the neighboring states. 

 Ha, this is flat out wrong. He does not want to do any of these things. You are misguided on this point.

President Obama is trying to decrease our warring activities and increase diplomacy, a stark departure from Bush who attacked anyone at will without the customary support of the UN for such actions. 

 'Trying' is not good enough. He isn't trying by using effective means. He is 'trying' to talk to ruthless dictators and terrorists.  HA! Let's see how far that gets him.  Remember Chamberlain?  This gave me a good laugh. And the U.N. What a joke they are.

I think it is clear, regardless of where we stand now on the progress meter that we are clearly heading in the right direction…both morally and economically.

IT IS NOT CLEAR! That's the same strawman argument that Obama regularly uses ('everyone agrees with me': NO THEY DON"T OBAMA).  Indeed, most economists agree we are NOT heading in the right direction. They should be lowering taxes, and spending less, instead the socialist democrats do the opposite.
And morally, the D's have no moral compass, at all. To them, theft and murder is a state sponsored activity.


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