Friday, March 12, 2010

10 Things the Global Warmists Could Do to Convince Me They Want to Save the Earth

10 Things the Global Warmists Could Do to Convince Me They Want to Save the Earth

(Check out number 4, should be 1 !)

I am not up to full speed, but I wanted to comment on an item VH posted earlier: Regarding the desire of the Global Warming Cult to convince We The Skeptics. I went to one of the referenced articles, which opened as follows:

There is one question that no one who denies manmade climate change wants to answer: what would it take to persuade you?

Actually, I am more than willing to answer that question. Here are some persuasive moves the environmental left could make if they wanted me to believe they want to minimize human impact on climate, and aren't simply trying to impose Karl Marx by way of Rachel Carson. I would be less skeptical about man-made Global Warming if...

1. Al Gore, Rajendra Kumar Pachauri, Arianna Huffington, Arnold Schwarzeneggar, Robert F'in' Kennedy, and all the other elites would foreswear private jet travel and get rid of their monstrous homes in favor of more eco-friendly homes, like the one George W. Bush lives in.

2. Al Gore and the others would give up their quarter-million dollar speaking fees they command for warning people about an imminent catastrophe, and stop railing against greedy corporations while setting themselves up to make billions in carbon trading schemes.

3. The climate actually started behaving the way the models that *prove* Global Warming predict it will.

4. The environmental left pushed hard for nuclear power as a means of clean, safe energy and for repeal of the Carter Era ban on reprocessing nuclear fuel. And if they also stopped blocking solar power plants out of fear of annoying some desert tortoises.

5. Climate Change Scientists made all of their data available for public review.

6. Global Warming True Believers willingly debated skeptics in open fora. (Including Al Gore). Caveat: They would have to win those debates, of course.

7. Global Warming Believers offered strategies for adapting to a warmer planet and engineering solutions to ameliorate environmental impacts, instead of promoting Government Control and the End of Capitalism as the only solutions to the problem.

8. Someone could explain how warming is occurring on other planets in the solar system that do not have SUVs on them.

Update: Smorfia in the comments came up with two more.

9. If you're going to claim that sea levels are going to rise by 20ft any moment, don't simlutaneously invest heavily in Californian beachfront properties.

10. If you're going to claim that melting permafrost is going to release billions of tons of methane that will cause imminent mass extinction, explain why this didn't happen during the Cambrian or Medieval warm periods.

Long story short: I'll stop believing that Global Warming is just a great big scam to allow its proponents to make money and take control over our lives... when they stop acting likes it's just a big scam to make money and take control over our lives.


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