Monday, June 07, 2010

Merkel for president! She wants to cut government spending

She's just as much a natural born citizen as is Obama.

Merkel Seeks 'Decisive' German CutsĀ 

For more details on Merkel's proposals, please considerĀ Merkel Seeks 'Decisive' German Cuts as Geithner Urges Spending.
Chancellor Angela Merkel said Germany is poised for a "decisive" round of budget cuts that will shape government policy for years to come, fueling disagreement with U.S. officials who favor measures to step up growth.

Speaking at the start of two days of Cabinet talks in Berlin called to identify potential annual savings of 10 billion euros ($12 billion), Merkel said Europe's debt crisis underscores the need for efforts to ensure the euro's stability.

"It's not exaggerated to say that this Cabinet conclave will give important direction for Germany in coming years, years that will be decisive," Merkel told reporters today before the meeting in the Chancellery. "We can only spend what we receive in income."

Merkel's government is reining in its deficit and urging fellow euro-region states to do likewise to thwart a sovereign- debt crisis. The Defense Ministry said last week there are "no taboos" when it comes to potential savings, including a possible reduction in the army's size by 100,000 active-duty soldiers plus scrapping conscription.

Tax rises, welfare cuts and the loss of about 10,000 civil servant posts are among other measures being considered, Deutsche Presse-Agentur reported, citing unnamed government sources. The Cabinet seeks to cut almost 30 billion euros through the end of its legislative term in 2013, Bild newspaper said yesterday, without saying how it got the information.


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