Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I've dabbled- just a little bit not P.C. - but somewhat true- and funny!

You say Christine O'Donnell dabbled into high school witchcraft? Really?
Ted Kennedy - I dabbled into drunk driving.
Robert Byrd - I dabbled into the Ku Klux Klan.
Barney Frank - I dabbled into gay prostitution.
Barack Obama -I dabbled into hard core Marxism.

Oh, yes. The naysayers are right. She's unelectable.


Al Franken: I dabbled into comedy.
Al Franken: I dabbled in my diapers
Rahm Emmanuel: I dabbled in theater arts.
Nancy Pelosi: I dabbled into Botox
Ahnold Schortzensniffer: I dabbled into Republican politics.
Imam Rauf: I dabbled into real estate.
Jimmy Carter: I dabbled into reporting UFOs
Jimmeh Cartuh: Ah dabbled into the Presidency
Lyndon Baines Johnson: Ah dah-bulled intuh Vee-YET Nohm
Van Jones: I dabbled into Communism
Aniita Dunn: I dabbled into Maoism
Charlie Rangel: "I dabbled in personal tax reform."
Geitner: I dabbled into Turbo Tax.
Timmy Geithner: "I dabbled in tax evasion."
Murtha: I dabbled into ABSCAM
Bill Ayers: "I dabbled in pyrotechnics."
Joe Stalin: "I dabbled in weight-loss programs for Ukrainians."
John Edwards: "I dabbled in out-of-wedlock children."
Al Gore - "I dabbled into call girls."
John Edwards - "I dabbled into hair products."
Senator Gary Hart - I dabbled in Monkey Business
Michael Dukakis: "I dabbled in armored vehicles."
Mayor Bloomberg: I've dabbled in corruption.
Al Gore: I dabbled into inventing the internet
Jimmy Carter - "I dabbled with Jew-hatred."
Michael Moore: I've dabbled in cheeseburgers.
FDR: I dabbled in Wealth Redistribution and Social Engineering
Margaret Sanger: I dabbled in Eugenics
Obama: I dabbled in destroying the USA.
John Murtha - "I dabbled with being a pompous gas-bag and accusing Marines of war crimes."
Bill Clinton: I dabbled in sexual assault
Sean Penn: "I babbled incessently. what? Oh, dabbled. I dabbled into manhood."
Jimmy Carter: I dabbled in anti semetism
Patches Kennedy: I dabbled in drunk driving
Mao,Lenin, Stalin, Castro, Hussein, Sanger, hell , all the usual suspects: I dabbled in Genocide!
Nancy: I dabbled in being an a fake Roman Catholic.
Rick Sanchez (of CNN): I dabbled in murder and hit & run
Arlen Specter: I dabbled in the Republican Party
Charlie Crist: I dabbled in the Republican Party
Hillary Clinton - "I dabbled into looking like the lead singer of KISS."
Nancy Pelosi: I dabbled in bribery, extortion, and arm twisting.
George Soros - "I dabbled in putting a puppet in the white house."
Rod Blagojevich: I dabbled in Political Corruption
Hilary: I dabbled in being a shrew.
Obama: I dabbled in Islam
Richard Daly: I dabbled in Chicago Politics
Hitler - "I dabbled into world conquest."
James Cameron: I dabbled in Reality! But I prefer fantasy!
Dick Morris: I dabbled in toe sucking.
Cass Sunstein: I dabbled in population manipulation.
William Jefferson: I dabbled in frozen assets.
Ezra Klein: I dabbled in propaganda
Rahm Emmanuel - "I dabbled in butt-slapping in group showers."
Chris Matthews: I dabbled in my pants.
Andy Stern: I dabbled into politics
Andrew Breitbart: I dabbled in exposing paid political pawns of the leftist unions for what they really are!
Spitzer: I dabbled with a prostitute.
George Soros: I dabbled in currency manipulation
Soros: I dabbled in taking over the world
Newt: I dabbled in a fake contract with America
Barbara Boxer - "I dabbled in condescending arrogance."
Jimmy Carter- I dabbled in killer rabbits and malaise!
Dick Morris: I dabbled in toe sucking a prostitute.
Rachel Maddow: I dabbled in androgeny
Bill Clinton: I dabbled in a blue dress
John Holdren: I dabbled in population control
Sandy Berger: I dabbled in stealing documents
Dick Durbin - "I dabbled in comparing American troops to Nazis."
Joe Biden: I dabbled in hair plugs
Fidel Castro: I dabbled in communism
Fred Flinstone - I've yabba dabbled with Betty Rubble
Ben Nelson and Mary Landrieu - We've dabbled in Senatorial vote whoring
Oliver Stone - I've dabbled into science fiction.
Larry Craig - I've dabbled into tap dancing.
Robert Reich - I've dabbled into dwarf tossing.


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