Friday, September 17, 2010

RINOs are being hunted down and sent to the taxidermist

Fun thoughts from Neal Boartz...  ha ha, this is great!

RINO Republican Mike Castle from Delaware is mightily ticked off .... Can't believe he lost to Cristine O'Donnell. As some pundit said ... RINOs are being hunted down and sent to the taxidermist. Bless the tea partiers.

Gotta tell you ... every day I'm loving these Tea Party folks more and more. Now starting to capitalize it.

The White House is fighting back .. hard ... against the Dinesh D'Souza article at A stuck pig always howls.

So this morning on Twitter (@Talkmaster) I posted the following:

Obama's god is government. His Christ is Saul Alinsky. His Bible is "Rules for Radicals." His congregation is shrinking.

Then along comes a Twitter follower (@00RSTW00) who responds with this gem:

Alter boy: Rahm Emmanuel; Flower Guild: Nancy Pelosi; and of course, organist: Barney Frank

You folks are priceless.


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