Friday, September 17, 2010

Pravda more fair than U.S. media

Ok, Russia has a free press, we have a controlled press. Even the UK has a more free press than ours, when you take into account the bias.

Our press is controlled in that the big outlets, other than FOX, don't present the really important items.

Our press would rather show
  • Koran burnings than show the real unemployment statistics.
  • Talk about a gaff made by a conservative talk radio host than show the CBO facts about how the stimulus isn't working.
  • Lie about the qualifications of a fiscally responsible candidate in Delaware rather than show the show the Marxist leanings of her opponent Coons
I can go on ad-nauseum about the bias of the media, you know it as well as I.

Oh, and Pravda has some very fair and balanced coverage:

The worst nightmare forecast by economic specialists over the previous years has come true: new research by economic gurus in the United States of America has revealed a bleak scenario: the United States' economy is in a state of depression. Yes, it is the Double Dip, a roller-coaster ride to economic catastrophe and it has arrived. To come...

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Why don't you move to Russia and learn the difference between the free press and a controlled press?
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From: indy

Is this another attempt by the Liberal Ruling Class Main Stream Media to change the subject from Obama's failing attempts to fix the economy?

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Limbaugh Taken In: The Judge Was Not Loaded for Bear

Published: September 15, 2010
 PENSACOLA, Fla. — Anyone listening to Rush Limbaugh's radio show Tuesday could be forgiven for thinking that Judge Roger Vinson has the federal government dead in his sights.

Judge Roger Vinson (not Davy Crockett).

Mr. Limbaugh spent some time profiling Judge Vinson, a senior judge on the Federal District Court in Pensacola, who had just announced he would allow a legal challenge to the new health care law to advance to a full hearing. The conservative radio host informed his listeners that the judge was an avid hunter and amateur taxidermist who once killed three brown bears and mounted their heads over his courtroom door to "instill the fear of God into the accused."

"This," Mr. Limbaugh said, "would not be good news" for liberal supporters of the health law.

But, in fact, Judge Vinson has never shot anything other than a water moccasin (last Saturday, at his weekend cabin), is not a taxidermist and, as president of the American Camellia Society, is far more familiar with Camellia reticulata than with Ursus arctos.


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