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Attack Watch: We've seen this gestapo tactic before from the Obama regime

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Take Your Quisling "Attack Watch" Snitch Site and SHOVE IT!

The Obama administration has launched yet another web campaign to get Americans to betray their friends, families and neighbors by reporting political dissenters to the tyrannical regime, presumably for "re-education" or gulag, whichever they think they can get away with.

Professor Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit asks, "HAVEN'T THEY TRIED THIS BEFORE?"

The answer is, of course, that yes, they have. Snitches were previously asked by the government to rat out people opposed Obamacare to, despite the fact that it was illegal for the lawless Obama regime to do so. Eventually the program was allegedly stopped, after much public outcry, but apparently the WTF campaign thinks we've forgotten about it because they are at it again. The PJ Tattler has the content of the mass email sent out announcing the new "Attack Watch" website HERE (h/t Insty). During the 2008 campaign, Obama had a similar site, "fight the smears" which of course was dedicated to vilifying anyone who raised legitimate concerns about his shady past and radical associations as RAAAAACIST.

Liberally Conservative is intimately familiar with the regime's electronic 'enemies list' as that site had been placed on previous incarnations of the new snitch site repeatedly in the past, and surely will be on the new one as well. Here is an excerpt from the LC post about this:
If you question Obama then you're smearing him. This site made it to Fight the Smears at least 27 times and we back up everything here with facts, substantiated with sources and documents. We provide plenty of opinion based on those facts.
The site, a compendium of claims with rebuttals by the president's team, is a throwback to the 2008 campaign's Fight the Smears site.
AttackWatch lists a "news feed" where people can click over to find analyses from liberal groups like Media Matters and Think Progress that offer defenses of the president's position. RTWT
Waznmentobe looks into who is behind the newest version of Obama's Orwellian obsession and, what a surprise, it's Obama for America, also known as Organizing for America, or Obama's 'civilian army' of propagandizing agitators. Last fall we had a lot of fun, here and at the A-C page using the progs' own tools against them for the opposition by using the OfA website to help facilitate the 2010 electoral shellacking of the left. It was glorious. Here's what Whoopie found about OfA:
Here is the poop on Obama for America (aka: the official re-election campaign website.
Presented by the Federal Election Commission
Committee ID: C00431445
PO BOX 8102
Treasurer Name:    NESBITT, MARTIN H
Committee Type:      PRESIDENTIAL
Candidate State:    Presidential Candidate
And here is a link showing which companies, unions and organizations who contributed money for this website.
Whoopie also notes what a cheesy, poorly put together, cheap looking website that "Attack Watch" is. You can see for yourself without actually going there (they have cookies to track you after you leave the AW site) by visiting Lady Liberty who graciously posted some screen shots to spare us the trouble.

Dana Loesch at Big Journalism has a great post about this (h/t Larwyn's Linx at Doug Ross), and says:
This sounds eerily familiar to the Obama Truth Squad we had here in St. Louis.
The White House has been working overtime to gain control of the narrative and save Obama's reelection bid after numerous polls show his approval rating tanking. Recently the administration flooded reporters' inboxes with emails on his jobs address.  RTWT
Say Anything's Rob Port wrote:
Apparently, the Orwellian overtones of this sort of thing haven't quite sunk in with Obama and his people. He's asking us to put our ears to our neighbor's keyholes and report that which is inconvenient for the political agenda of the President. If that makes you feel uncomfortable, it should. It's not all that far from there toward targeting critics for intimidation. RTWT
Rob also posted this great video, the "Attack Watch Commercial": Awesome.

From the Desk of Lady Liberty also has the video along with some must read commentary and the aforementioned screen shots.. LadyLiberty1885 bravely scoured that vile website so we wouldn't have to, here is some of what she has to say about it:
It's rather disgusting and very much in line with the tactics used by the Stasi (Ministry for State Security) of East Germany. Make no mistake folks, this is Obama compiling an enemies list, but it's not one composed of Political or media enemies as in the past. This one includes you and me. Average citizens. He is essentially saying to you or anyone else, 'hey, did you hear something about me? Did someone attack me? Go ahead, tell me about it.' It's insidious on a whole new level – even for this Chicago Thug-in-Chief. I went through the site quite thoroughly and I can flat-out say with 100% certitude that it is nothing more than a propaganda machine. This is of course, a foregone conclusion as we already knew just looking at its Orwellian 1984 color scheme that it would be. What floors me about it is the blatant fact this thing is meant to pit people against each other; neighbor vs neighbor, co-worker vs co-worker and so on. It's meant to induce paranoia about who is listening to you and why they are listening. The part that is already backfiring, as Twitter is showing us already, is that WE DON'T CARE. We've had enough.  RTWT
I had a really hard time resisting the urge to paste the Lady's whole post here because it is so awesome, be sure not to miss it.  And she's right, we don't care and we have had more than enough of this crap to last a lifetime.

Obama, his despicable regime, every single media hack and all the koolaid swilling ZeroZombies who support this idiocy can report us all they like, it ain't gonna change a damned thing, they still suck and we all know it. So they can take their quisling Attack Watch rat fink snitch site and SHOVE IT!

Update: Obama's juvenile tyrannical idea is backfiring as people are having a field day giving his idiocy the mocking that it so richly deserves. iOwnTheWorld has a great post about the fun we're all having with the #AttackWatch hashtag on Twitter, and Adrienne has collected a few cute ones for our enjoyment at her place. See also Moonbattery for even more fun.

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