Monday, October 08, 2012

My 10 reasons for/against 2012 presidential candidates

10 reasons I'm voting against Obama:

1.       Fiscal Cliff: Obama increasing tax rates 2013

2.       43 straight months high unemployment: greatest in modern history

3.       Priorities: taking over health insurance versus jobs

4.       ACA mandate is unconstitutional

5.       Health insurance up $4k since ACA

6.       Fast and Furious giving guns to Mexican gangs

7.       Libya: insufficient security for ambassador, blaming a video

8.       Government spending up >30%

9.       Said: "Private sector is doing just fine" It's not.

10.   > $50Billion to unsustainable industry like Solyndra, plus the GM takeover

Reasons I'm voting for Romney

1.       His name is Mitt (which is not Obama)

2.       Increase domestic energy, reduce foreign dependency

3.       Tax rates lower (reduce deductions) to allow small business to flourish.

4.       Reduce regulation

5.       Reduce the size of government and government spending

6.       Increase free trade

7.       Get rid of the unelected Czars

8.       Nominate conservative constitutional supreme court justices

9.       Repeal/replace Obamacare

10.   His name is Mitt



Rapper Snoop Dogg (or is it Snoop Lion now?) appears to have made up his mind about the presidential election: He's reposted a pros and cons list of reasons to support Barack Obama over Mitt Romney.

TMZ took note of the list Friday morning.   See the full list:

Snoop Dogg Romney List

Image source: TMZ


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