Monday, February 17, 2014

Re: Must be nice be paid and employed....

Bush, after being criticized by the MSM for taking vacation time,
after 9/11 took almost no vacation time.
He listened to the criticism, embraced it and changed so that
he put himself up as a paramour of what a leader should do to gain respect from
common folks like myself.

0bama has not followed suit and has taken way more liberty with vacation,
hobnobbing with rich.  He should embrace his own stated philosophy, and stay
away from the evil rich.

I myself am very envious of 0bama.
This president takes way more vacation than Bush.
I wish I had such liberties.

I know that such envy is not a good thing.
But it does exist, yet I am not proud of it.

On Mon, Feb 17, 2014 at 10:04 AM, socialist dude wrote: a professional writer and get paid for writing the crap this guy did.... going from rags to riches....the President does not abandon his friends, (and he is beat fro he in this article)...he enjoys once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, (instead of being a big dummy and not relaxing for  few hours like everyone else in America does when they are not working)....and STILL manages to fit in speeches and do networking around his moments of brief personal time off....and this article says anything? Like every president since time began, (except maybe Truman) the president plays golf when he gets a chance...and ANYONE says something about that? This is such an illogical partaking in the activities usually reserved for the ultra rich, he IS closing the inequality gap!! 

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Must be nice!
After decrying inequality, Obama golfs at personal course of mega-billionaire
Inequality in America is a terrible thing, unless it results in a nice afternoon at a golf course so private that "uncrowded" does not begin to describe the solitude a presidential foursome can enjoy More

The Hill reported yesterday:

President Obama is going golfing on Sunday at a private course owned by billionaire Oracle chief executive Larry Ellison.

Obama is staying at the Sunnylands estate outside of Palm Springs, Calif., over the weekend, after delivering a speech on the state's drought at a farm near Fresno and meeting with Jordan's King Abdullah II on Friday. He went golfing on Saturday with three longtime friends from Hawaii, who are also filling out the foursome on Sunday.

Ellison's 19-hole golf course in Rancho Mirage, Calif., sits on a 249-acre desert estate called Porcupine Creek that also hosts four guesthouses, a swimming pool, driving range and Mediterranean-style villa, according to The Los Angeles Times.

Obama's host Ellison is reported to be worth $41 billion, and is renowned for his sporting activities, including the America's Cup race, another sport inaccessible to all but the richest. Yet instead of recoiling in horror from this embodiment of the unequal distribution of wealth, Barack Obama is not just happy to indulge himself, he brings in his posse of childhood friends to enjoy the privileges of the ultra-rich.


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