Thursday, October 15, 2015

Webb is the only Democrat worth his salt: The Two Hour Democrat Debate

Webb is the only Democrat worth his salt...

Amid this nonsense, Jim Webb broke in with occasional outbursts of common sense. When "gun violence" was being discussed, he was the only one to actually link the shootings to gangs, not to guns walking off the shelf and shooting people. He was also the only candidate willing to say "All lives matter" instead of piously acceding to the obscene racial supremacism of "Black lives matter."

On foreign policy, Webb was the adult in the room. In a debate where candidates felt comfortable claiming that Global Warming is the greatest national security threat, he was the only one to mention Chinese hacking. He was the only one to tie in the Arab Spring and the Iran deal to the chaos in Syria.

In a field of wannabe anti-war candidates, Webb was the only one to denounce the new Libyan war that Obama and Hillary began. While other candidates yammered about Bush's wars, he did the unthinkable by talking about Obama's war.

Webb modestly declared that he was the "most qualified person standing here to be commander in chief". Sadly, he was right. Not because he's a great candidate, but because he's a throwback to an earlier Democratic Party whose candidates could discuss serious issues like adults.

That's not the Democratic Party of today, which isn't just radical, but also unserious. The CNN debate discussed pot instead of the violence in Israel. Its candidates have to take the most radical positions on everything because their base lacks any actual understanding of the issues. They have to lie constantly to their voters while trying to top Bernie Sanders' crazed Communist fever dreams.

THIEVES, LIARS AND IDIOTS: The Two Hour Democrat Debate


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