Thursday, July 13, 2006

Be like Kirk

Attention all Star Trek fans..

Kirk was always riding in on his cowboy horse, to far-away planets; and even though there was this 'non-interference' clause with the Federation, he was always interfering.
Take for instance the episode: In "A Taste Of Armageddon", where Kirk and Spock took it upon themselves to forfeit a 'peace' between two worlds who were at war for centuries. The mechanism they used was to have a computer simulation fight the war for them. If the computer indicated that you die, you reported to a 'disintegrator chamber', and that was that, you were dead and gone. The two worlds claimed that this was better, because no infrastructure was destroyed, just the people, so their war could go on, and their societies could go on, still with 'casualties', but without the violence.

So Kirk and Spock went around destroying the 'disintegrator chambers', knowing full well that would mean either a return to violent hostilities or a permanent peace without the stupid computer model and non-violent deaths. Spock claimed, upon the destruction of one of the chambers, that he was: "practicing a peculiar variety of diplomacy." You could read in his voice that he, being a Vulcan, didn't exactly approve of it, but that Kirk was his boss and friend, and he followed his lead.

Well this makes me think of the way Bush handles things. Perhaps Bush is a Star Trek fan, and wants to be like James T Kirk..

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