Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Term Limits for Congress

This is one time I agree with Al Gore:

"The person who has the most money to run the most ads usually wins."

I believe that our representative republic is perhaps crumbling because of the way campaigns are funded, and, to a larger degree, the roll of lobbyists. But, even though I agree with his contention, I disagree with his (probable) solution. Although he doesn't mention it, if it is along the same lines as other politician's proposed solution, like McCain or Feingold, I'll bet he would prefer to attack free speech. I can't agree with that at all. To me the preferred solution is not to worry about funding or free speech, but incumbency.

We need term limits for Congress!!

That would restore congress to what our Founding Fathers envisioned. Two terms for Senators, and three or four terms for Representatives in the House. That would solve the problem. Hey, we do it with the President, why not congress???

All too often it is the congressmen who stay the longest who acquire the most power, spend the most money on pork, and garner the most financing from inside the beltway lobbyists. Without change, someday the government will be completely in control of every single aspect of our lives, and with or without knowing it, we will be living under socialism: say goodbye to freedom and liberty. We are already on the road to our own demise.

Some might argue that short time representatives might not think about long term solutions, but that's not true. It works in the free market: for business there is plenty of turn over, yet businesses thrive in a free and open environment where there exists plenty of turnover of the stockholders and players. Long term solutions will take care of themselves, yet we really need to cut the graft and pork from the government payroll. We need to lose the entitlement mentality, both from within and without of Washington D. C.


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