Friday, September 29, 2006

The ends DOES NOT justify the means

Global Warming has been made into a 'political' issue:

1). Global warming, if simply a theory in the scientific community ought not get this kind of press; especially since the time frame is extremely long and the reaction in the non-scientific community is knee jerk.

2). Pollution (meaning real pollution like SO2) is hurting us today. CO2 is not pollution.

3). I actually agree that we need to develop alternate forms of energy, especially Nuclear Energy, but for the reasons I have stated, not because of so-called global warming.

4). Nature's biggest problems are encroachment, and acid rain, not global warming.

5). Mankind's biggest problem isn't global warming, it is increase in population; and that will eventually impact nature.

To the media and many politicians, global warming is simply a 'means' to an 'end' (sort of like lying to your child to get them to take their medicine). That is not the honorable way to go in my book. We need to honestly address the current menaces to nature and society because there is no drought of problems, why do we need this invented crisis? It only causes the people who see that there is no definitive proof to doubt all science: the cry wolf syndrome.


At 9:45 AM, Blogger Cynosarges said...

Good post (and blog). I too agree that the psuedo-science surrounding "global warming" is a distraction from the real issues at hand. Constantly making outrageous and scientifically unjustifiable claims in the press only serve to make us numb.

Once alternate forms of energy are utilized, greenhouse gases will decrease substantially and then we can worry about educating the third worlders on the use of condoms.


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