Monday, September 25, 2006

Full Frontal Clinton

Bill Clinton's famous anger irrupts on Fox News
"I asked what I thought was a non- confrontational question about whether he could have done more to 'connect the dots and really go after al-Qaida,'" the report quoted Wallace as saying. "I was utterly surprised by the tidal wave of details – emotion – and political attacks that followed."
ir‧rupt  /ɪˈrʌ/ - [i-ruhpt]
–verb (used without object) break or burst in suddenly. manifest violent activity or emotion, as a group of persons.
3.(of animals) to increase suddenly in numbers through a lessening of the number of deaths.
According to Dick Morris, who used to work for Bill Clinton:
"it was Clinton's failure to catch bin Laden that drove [some] to the right wing"


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