Monday, September 18, 2006

Machiavellian McCain

Plato's Stepchildren
Summoned by an urgent request for medical help, the Enterprise crew finds a group of aliens who supposedly model their society on the teachings of Plato. Their leader is suffering massive infection and is close to death. The crew discovers the Platonians' powerful psychokinetic abilities, as the man's delirium has violent effects on his surroundings. Dr. McCoy's treatment is effective, and the Platonians seem grateful. It soon becomes apparent, however, that the Platonians regard the outsiders as inferior, and they intend to force McCoy to stay and render medical services. Their extreme life of the intellect has transformed them into strangely Machiavellian beings. They use all their mental powers to intimidate, humiliate and torture Captain Kirk, Spock and the away team into compliance.
Calling John McCain: as one Machiavellian to the others, we need you to help stop the Platonians!


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