Monday, September 11, 2006

Ligonier Highland Games

Bagpipers march on the field during the Ligonier Highland Games.On Saturday I witnessed my first Ligonier Highland Games. It was a joy to observe the Bagpipers march on the field during this wonderful Scottish festival. I did enjoy those games, those great Highland games.

Another really interesting item found at the games: I listened to a really interesting bagpiper for about a half hour and wondered how good and prolific this bigpiper really was. So I decided to walk up to the pavilion where he was performing, and what did I find: a robotic bagpiper named McBlare. The fellow demonstrating McBlare was named Roger Dannenberg, a nice smiling gent very willing to explain all the intricacies to me, but he had to tell me in quite a loud voice, because the bagpipes were still playing, and were quite loud, I think my ears are still ringing. After it was done, he took out
his earplugs ;)


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