Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Diplomacy with terrorists will not work; never has, never will

An upcoming article in Rolling Stone is off base, here are some of the points...
"I hate the term 'global war on terrorism,'" says John O. Brennan, a CIA veteran
I disagree with this career bureaucrat. The terror is happening everywhere, look at U.S., Britain, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Mid-East, Afghanistan, etc. it is global, and it is a war; they attack anywhere and everywhere. How can anyone deny that these terrorists hate the west?
1. Al Qaeda Has Been Virtually Eliminated as a Threat
I wouldn't agree, look at Iraq, those are some of the same people who are part of Al Qaeda. They have always existed, and always hated us. No one 'created' their hate for the west.
2. What We Don't Know About Al Qaeda Can Still Hurt US
3. The Threat Has Gone Viral. By failing to "smoke out" bin Laden as promised, the president has given hope to a new generation of freelance terrorist cells, Islamist copycats and Al Qaeda wanna-be's.
Disagree completely. The copycats would be there irregardless one man. If we had captured Bin Laden, then they would still be copycats. These people are inhuman, were that way before, and now are taking the opportunity to attack because Hussein is out of power. Other copycats outside of Iraq would have existed even if we had not gone into Iraq. This is part in parcel to his point number 5, which I agree with.
4. Fighting Terrorism Is for Cops and Spies, Not Soldiers
Not at all, the only way to fight terrorists is to kill them and lock them up. We cannot send cops abroad, that is illegal, and spies are being used, but cannot be used to apprehend terrorists, who, for the most part are overseas. If we do not fight them abroad, then they will bring their terror and killing back to our mainland. This writer is way off base on this one. Besides, police are virtually ineffective against terrorists. We need soldiers! I wouldn't trust my security to a policeman: I trust myself first, and soldiers second. Cops are mostly there to write speeding tickets, and arrest mostly good people for not obeying the tyranny of government. Look at the IRS: say no more.
5. Terrorism Can't Be Defeated - Ever. Terrorism is not an enemy, but a method. As such, it can never be defeated - only contained and reduced.
Agreed, but that is exactly what we are doing, so why all the rhetoric to the contrary? It sounds like the author agrees with our current policy on the global war on terrorists after all. :)
"We need a healthier foreign policy," says Brennan, the former counterterrorism head. "It will take a diplomatic track to address this problem - in ways other than killing people."
Ha! Appeasement and diplomacy does not work with terrorists and dictators. Never has, never will.


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