Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Gore: Scaremongering with Globalony

Al Gore in office: one of the biggest mistakes in AmericaI say to Al Gore: there you go again. He only has one issue.

Gore -- "When we make big mistakes in America, it is usually because the people have not been given an honest accounting of the choices before us," Gore said in an hour-long speech at New York University Law School.

Translation: We haven't lied enough to the people of America, we need to do a better job in convincing Americans to give up more of their liberties, based on what we claim might happen 100 years from now. They won't know the difference, and we'll have their freedoms right where we want them, in our greedy power hungry mits.

Gore -- "It also is often because too many members of both parties who knew better did not have the courage to do better."

Translation: It is because the members haven't propagated unsound science, haven't had the courage to misrepresent the future.

Gore -- "Each passing day brings yet more evidence that we are now facing a planetary emergency, a climate crisis that demands immediate attention,"

Translation: Well, there are plenty of natural phenomena, like hurricanes, which have always been happening, so why not scare people into thinking that driving cars is causing the localized phenomenon? Scaremongering with Globalony.

Gore -- "We can change this by inventing and manufacturing new solutions to stop global warming right here in America," he said, adding that venture capitalists are eager to put money behind effective technologies to cut greenhouse gases.

Translation: We can change this by inventing and manufacturing new lies to scare the people out of their liberties. We need to control every aspect of your lives, and take all your money. Because of the tax breaks, Venture capitalists are eager to squander money on technologies which cost Americans gobs of money, do little to cut greenhouse gases, not that greenhouse gases harm us anyway, they don't, and are not yet ready for primetime.

Al Gore claims that "each passing day brings yet more evidence that we are now facing a planetary emergency." Hypothetically, what if I were to claim that an asteroid is going to hit the earth in 50 years, and that we are all going to die. Let's say I have some circumstantial evidence. Others will tell me that just because there is a wealth of circumstantial evidence, that does not provide a case, and they would be correct. In order to prove something, lots of small pieces of evidence do not add up to a correlation or a proof. This is classical logic theory. In order to prove something, the pieces of evidence must be strongly related, and must lead to the conclusion directly and most completely. So then what if I said to those skeptics of my asteroid hypothesis "How can you prove that it isn't possible?" Do you get my drift. It is impossible to prove that it isn't possible, because it IS possible. Just not likely.


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