Friday, November 07, 2008

Facts about unemployment

One can hardly blame Bush or Clinton for the unemployment rate, it meanders between 4 and 6. There are many factors including minimum wage (which was just raised), the size of the population (which is going up), and the number of undocumented workers included (also going up). Sure, it was low under Clinton, until the end of his term, when it peaked, just the same as the end of Bush's term. This is a cyclical thing. And the U.S. is still not doing bad when compared to other countries, or our historical trends.

If anything, the most recent rise might be linked to the business tax. Our business tax is at 35%, and it is climbing. Europe recently lowered their business tax and their unemployment rates have been going down, while ours is going up.

Let's just hope the 'left' (including the MSM) stops lying by telling us absolute numbers, and gives us a true picture of unemployment. How can we unify the nation if the lies continue to proliferate?

This is the web page with the data


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