Thursday, November 06, 2008

Taxes, Taxes, Taxes...Mandates, Taxes, No Preconditions, No SUV's, Taxes, Taxes...George W. Bush is still the cause of (Obama's) problems in 2012, Tax

Very funny title. I guess you just summed up the next 4 years. When the populace (sheeple) have buyers remorse, because the Democrats in the house, senate and presidency haven't solved all their problems for them, haven't paid off their mortgage, haven't bought them a car or a big screen TV, haven't silenced talk radio, then will they realize that they've all been duped by a billion dollars in advertising and a main stream media that lies, distorts and most of all omits relevant information.

Or more likely, as you say, they will still blame Bush 4 years from now, like for the Financial crisis. We all know that was the fault of Carter and the Dems who pushed the CRA in the first place, giving bad loans that can't be paid back. But of course everything is Bush's fault.

One thing is for sure: advertising works.

My friend, who is a liberal, but liked Hillary better, was gloating yesterday (but he liked Hillary better, go figure). I told him the story of how the MSM didn't play the tape of Obama stating that we Pennsylvanians are bitter and cling to our guns and our bibles, and have antipathy for those not like us. He said: "That wasn't Obama, that was someone else, let me see......" I bet him a pop (we've been friends since childhood, that's our standard bet). I can't wait to enjoy that pop!

So the MSM media has really done a good job of white washing this candidate. Did you notice that on Monday the media started saying things like "We don't really know Obama" Knock me over with a feather, will you!!!! Kinda late to the party. But that was on purpose, once their candidate was a lock, it is finally time to be critical of him, as is their real function (but not too critical).

Can anyone tell me if Murtha won, I'm not brave enough to look at any media right now. I tried to ignore the results of the presidential election, but of course it is impossible these days to live in a bubble.


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