Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Everyone rejoice! Now that Obama has undergone coronation in the emaculation yesterday,  I feel that all my problems have gone away!
  • My mortgage and monthly bills have been mysteriously paid for.
  • I am now thinner, taller, fitter, healthier and sexier.
  • My boss give me a raise today completely out of the blue.
  • All kids everywhere are suddenly better behaved, and saying "Yes, sir/ma'am".
  • The sky and the sun look brighter today.
  • My 1999 car is suddenly brand new.
  • My stock portfolio is back up to the Bush levels of a few months ago.
  • Certainly, there is  new vigor in my step, and a sudden lust for life much enhanced.
  • Even all my neighbors wave to me as I drive down the street.


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