Tuesday, September 08, 2009

15 untruths of Obamacare

1. Cutting $500 billion from Medicare will not hurt care or cut benefits for seniors.
2. Spending $1 Trillion will save money.
3. Spending $1 Trillion will not increase the deficit.
4. If you like your plan you can keep it, except in five years every insurance plan design for everyone will be dictated by the federal government design requirements.
5. You can buy any insurance plan from any insurer you want. But you can only buy the government designed, government approved plans — its like saying you can buy the same house from any builder, but the builders all have the same set of plans and can only sell that house.
6. This is not a government take-over of the health care sector.
7. There will not be any rationing.
8. Campaign promises made explicitly by the President that he would not cut any deals with "the drug companies" only to do exactly that in return for Phrma spending million in ads to prop up the sagging ObamaCare this summer.
9. Abortion is not a covered benefit (despite the fact that the Democratic House pro-life leaders say it covers abortion, and more than 20 Democrats have told their leadership in writing that they will not vote for any bill that covers abortion.)
10. Seniors will not be steered in the direction of dying to save money — but most of the public knows that the most expense in health care is in the last six months of life — making seniors think Obama's promises sound hollow. Seniors, it turns out, do not want the government to make the decision about when that last six months starts.
11. The President is against a single payer system and ending employer provided health care. All those videos of the President saying that he is for a single payer system and for ending employer provided health care, well, they are "misleading."
12. Except that your employer may decide to put you in a government designed plan, so your employers will be taxed less than it costs to give you your insurance. Your employer will save money by putting you in the government-run Health Information Exchange — and you can never leave!
13. This bill's purpose is insure the uninsured and do "insurance reform."
14. President Obama promised no mandate in his health plan, but it has an individual mandate and an employer mandate.
15. If you don't buy health insurance and you earn more than $19,000, you will be taxed 2.5 percent of your total income. The no tax increase pledge for families earning $250,000 or less does not apply, of course, to ObamaCare.

When President Obama keeps making promises and statements that cannot be true, you wonder, what does the President think of the public, that they will believe anything he says? Or (even more dangerous) does he really believe what he is saying?
So the President who insists untrue things are true is going to insist some more untrue things are true, before a joint session of Congress and this will change the politics of ObamaCare?


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