Thursday, October 15, 2009

Democrats accelerating our economy toward the edge of a cliff

Democrats in Congress, in the majority from 2007, have damaged our economy

Deficit tripled in only 9 months
Democrats do have a Death Panel -- for the economy...

Even this, as tenuous as it it, is not a recovery...
Heaping more misery on top of the debt and joblessness...

The Democrats have done exactly the wrong thing to correct the problem with our economy.
If your driving at full speed toward the edge of a cliff, do you accelerate?
No, you put on the brakes and stop speeding / spending.

By definition, jobs in the free market is what is needed. And those long term jobs will only be created if business (especiall small business) sees their tax rates lowered. Come on Dems, put on the breaks, stop spending money we don't have, and simply lower the tax rate.


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