Thursday, October 15, 2009

Obama is a socialist

Has Obama advanced even one policy that's pro-free enterprise and limited government? Here is a list of Administration policies that are anti-free enterprise and/or pro-Marxist/pro-socialism.

  1. Signed a massive "stimulus" package that primarily benefited government workers.
  2. Government takeover of General Motors
  3. Supports individual mandates as part of ObamaCare
  4. Supports regulation of salaries within the financial industry
  5. Supports giving community organizers (Think ACORN) oversight over the mortgage industry
  6. Supports 60% increase in Capital Gains Tax
  7. Supports Cap and Trade (i.e. Massive energy sector regulation and taxation of energy use)
  8. Shut down domestic offshore oil exploration
  9. Supports massive insurance industry regulation as part of ObamaCare
  10. Sided with Marxist dictators Castro and Chavez to try and install another Marxist dictator in Honduras
  11. Supports federal regulation of radio station ownership/ diversity requirements.
  12. A vast expansion of the regulatory bureaucracy

Challenge: Can anyone name even one policy proposed, advanced, or enacted by the Obama regime that favors free enterprise and/or limited government? Name just one. Anybody. Anyone? Beuller?


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