Friday, September 24, 2010

California scammin': bureaucrats get big bucks

When will the people just say: "Enough!" ?

We need to stop this egregious flow of money from taxpayers to representatives and bureaucrats who steal from us.

California scammin': bureaucrats get big bucks
The San Francisco Chronicle reports:

At least 20 city managers in California, including some in the Bay Area, collect pay and benefits that exceed $300,000 a year, according to a report unveiled Wednesday by state lawmakers.

The survey was released a day after prosecutors announced corruption charges against eight former and current public officials in the Los Angeles County city of Bell - where the city manager was receiving a nearly $800,000 salary and $1.5 million in total compensation annually.

The survey by the Assembly Committee on Accountability and Administrative Review looked at California's 119 charter cities and found that some cities offer unusual perks. For example, Palo Alto gave its city manager $1.5 million to buy a house. The city also gave the city manager a $500,000 loan; Napa gave its city manager a $200,000 home loan; and San Ramon offered more than $57,000 in "incentive pay."

Those types of extras drive up costs by as much as 245 percent from the base salary, the report concluded.


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