Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Here's to 'tenacious temperament' I wish I had more of it.

Some might ask: how can you be for preservation of land, yet at the same time be for limiting government from infringing the liberties and property rights of individuals. I am. There are better ways to preserve land, than to have government come in and step all over our liberties. For instance, repeal the death tax, that alone will send gobs of land to conservancies.

Here's the story of my battle with goverment over land. I lost that battle, and now, 12 thousand dollars later, and at the detrimint to a large swath of land (400 feet) that was wiped of trees on my property, I now have public sewer, even though I did not want it; and oh, yes, a $60 a month bill to boot. ;(

Have a nice day. ;)
[Here is a letter to the editor from last December...
The Municipal Authority of Washington Township, a newly formed sewer authority, is forcing every resident adjacent to their new sewer lines to connect without regard to state law, which provides that they only have authority to mandate connections to homes within 150 feet of their lines.

Other water authorities in Westmoreland County abide by the second-class township act in their dealings. Who remembers what taxation without representation is all about?

Apparently, these authorities have board members who are appointed by a township; they are not elected by any voter. Consequently, they have unlimited power with little culpability or accountability for their actions. Onerous costs of up to $15,000 must be incurred by some along these lines.

I for one am outraged and demand a better system, one with oversight and voter representation. Anyone else with concerns of their own may contact the MAWT at 724-727-5881 or mawt@comcast.net and voice your outrage.

You many not even know what may soon be coming your way.

Douglas A. Bauman
Washington Township


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