Monday, July 24, 2006

'Farming for Embryos' versus 'Alternate Techniques'

Why veto the use of stem cells from embryos?

It's about trade-offs. Young women are swayed to abort, simply to obtain these embryos. That's sending the wrong message to young women. They should be taught abstinence, not 'farming for embryos.'

It's not about the so-called 'waste'; it's about behavior. I wouldn't want anyone trying to persuade my daughter to do anything immoral, just to advance a less than obvious attempt to solve some of these diseases.

Some of the diseases they are attempting to 'cure' are very difficult to cure. Many are extending false and misplaced hopes to cure these diseases. Why change the behavior of a whole society, simply to cure diseases which affect not the young?

Additionally, we are not the only country to consider banning this, so too is the EU.

The trade off to science is this: science is getting good at finding other ways to accomplish the same goal: bone marrow, etc. There are already successes in using alternate methods to develop stem cells.


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