Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The man paused, stood, and stared awhile.
He wondered what he might have missed.
Or when he may have missed it, but
something was definitely awry.

That was it, the onset of his journey onto
another path, his leap from one course to
another, sort of like that moment at the
arrival of a fork in the road, and the leap-second
latency from mind to foot taken, yet taken.

This man's new path wasn't a mere walk in
the woods. It was a new outlook on life,
guided with inertia via wisdom attained,
yet not completely honed, but still mysterious
in that the future is so unknown, but steadfast
in his new resolution to pursue those things
that he -- missed.

Perhaps it was something, someone, some aspects
of life overlooked, but more likely it was many of those
parts which were rather overstepped, with little
pause for consideration, less patience than desired,
and not time taken to contemplate the really important...


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